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Lee Sharpe Pure Organic Golf




Lee Sharpe has been at the top of his game for 3 decades. He is a true athlete through and through and has kept fans on their toes in sold out stadiums throughout his career.


Lee’s pivot into professional golf has given him the ability to take his accomplished career in football and use what he’s learned along the way in his golf game.


Lee’s golf ability, sportsmanship, business acumen and celebrity will spearhead our efforts to levels unmatchable in Europe and the UK.

Andy Stammers Pure Organic Golf




Andy Stammers is an avid golf player and a firm believer in CBD oil’s health benefits. Andy started taking CBD oil to maintain a healthy lifestyle and noticed that his golf game improved. Impressed by the results, he shared the secret with his friends who all started to notice the benefits on and off the course.

Andy was a former currency trader in London and at the time was the youngest director of the Royal Bank of Canada.

The work was fast-paced, aggressive, and competitive. With this responsibility, came a lot of stress and a lack of sleep.

After years working in the finance sector, Andy decided to leave the industry to explore a new lifestyle, centered on reducing his stress and anxiety.

Andy has a lot of confidence in the product and will be working to expand the company’s potential worldwide.

Daniel Sanders Pure Organic Golf




Danny has over 20 years experience in business and marketing. He has developed several successful companies working in various industries.

But being the founder of Pure Organic CBD roots back to something that happened in his own life.

In the past, Danny was in a serious road accident and broke his back.

After 5 major operations, he tried to manage the pain and anxiety he felt. with prescription medication. After 8 years on pain killers and anti inflammatories , Danny began to grow concerned about the long term effects on his health.

After a long journey exploring alternative pain remedies, He came across CBD and was blown away by the results.

Now he can put everything he has learnt from his past into raising awareness on the benefits of CBD.

For Danny, one of the most important aspects to a business is to build up a strong team that believes in the brand. That is why he has welcomed medical professionals to collaborate with Pure Organic CBD so that clients feel assured that the science speaks for the product.

Danny loves spending time with his wife and two sons and considers himself fortunate that since discovering new ways to cope with his back injury, he can enjoy a lifestyle that he couldn’t do before. free from pain and free from the dependency of prescription medication.

Lesley Bolton Pure Organic Golf



Business Development | Golfer

Golf Society Member and business acumen, Lesley has it all. She is an accomplished athlete who uses CBD daily to stay one step beyond her competitors.

Having suffered from elbow and shoulder injuries, Leslie’s drive to stay competitive flamed her desire to return to sport as quickly as possible. CBD allowed her to get back into competitive shape.

She believes in the product so much that she often gives out samples to players on the golf course and tennis court.

Lesley’s background in international real estate and marketing aligns with the goals of Pure Organic Golf. She is responsible for organising padel tournaments where players as far as Dubai participate in.

Lesley is the all-around package or business, sport and mother.

tony myles pure organic golf



Copywriter | Researcher | Golfer

Tony Myles has been covering the sport of golf for decades as a researcher and copywriter for print and digital media. His contributions to our marketing, website and content has proved invaluable. He compelled us to take a deep look at what golfers really want, to have fun playing golf; everything else follows that.

Tony is well-travelled, having also worked for GE in various countries – Dubai, Kenya, South Africa, Russia, Scandinavia, Ireland, the Czech Republic and Israel.

He has played golf for several years and hopes one day to have a good round he jokes!

Tony moved to Spain in 2006 and is lucky enough to also have his family here there.

About our Company

Pure Organic Golf was born from a marriage between two passions: Golf and CBD oil.
We wanted to develop a product any golfer could use to enhance their golfing experience, to enjoy the game more, to play their best and to have fun. The recipe is simple. Use the best ingredients money can buy: Certified Organic CBD oil from Switzerland.

Every product we sell has been through a totally controlled process from seed to bottle. We’ve monitored everything to make sure our products can deliver amazing results. Our products are backed by scientific research to reduce pain, anxiety and inflammation.

There is so much nonsense when you look at how golf products are marketed. The latest drivers, the next putter and golf balls that fly 300+ yards off the tee. We think people can see right through it.

Our approach is different. We know our products will enhance your mood and your health, allowing you to play your best. Imagine taking pain and anxiety out of the equation and being able to focus on your next shot.

Pure Organic Golf is a sister company to Pure Organic CBD, a leading Organic CBD provider in the UK and EU. Using our extensive knowledge on CBD and our team’s own passion for golf, we’ve been able to develop a proprietary formula that has been shown to deliver superior and consistent results.

If you are thinking about trying CBD oil for golf, you’re in the right place.